The Book Discovering Awareness by Anthony D'Souza

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Product Description

Many hunger for spiritual meaning and wisdom. Discovering Awareness offers a step-by-step program for building inner peace, emotional flexibility and strength. Besides individual, self-guided study, the book lends itself to group discussion and or retreats.


“This is foundational spiritual teaching!” – Richard Rohr

“A synthesis of inner and outer awareness that is our best hope for the future.” – Peter Senge

“A valuable book for the awakening of our true nature” – Stephen Levine

“A beautiful offering, a jewel in the worthy tradition of DeMello” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

“If you valued Tony DeMello’s Awareness and The Way to Love, …get a copy of this little book and start using it as soon as possible.” – Frank Stroud

“Provides readers with a logical frame of practice to produce more truth and simplicity in their lives.” – Andy Bryner

Why would an Indian Jesuit and a retired American high-tech executive write a book together? We collaborate because we want to distill two lifetimes of seeking into a simple practical book that all can read and put into practice.Tony has worked bringing education and better nutrition to the slum children of Mumbai (Bombay), treating the mentally ill and training young professionals. Bud has spent a lifetime building creative high-tech organizations. By using the tools we describe in this book, we have discovered a base of inner peace, strength and freedom, which helps us live simpler, more powerful lives. We find it easier to be productive. We find it easier to be happy with our lives and the world around us.

The book is based on a ten-day retreat Tony D’ Souza conducted from the Jesuit Retreat House in Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai, India. Thousands have attended his retreats there, across India, and around the world.Tony’s mentor and spiritual advisor for many years was Tony De Mello, author of Awareness, The Way to Love, Sadhana, One Minute Nonsense and many other well-loved books.

Bud Wonsiewicz collaborated with Tony to organize and write this book. His contributions are those of a student attempting to practice these skills in everyday life. Bud is a former assistant professor of materials science at M.I.T. and a senior technical executive in the telecommunications industry.