Discovering Awareness DVD




In a series of eight short talks, Tony D’Souza provides a clear and lively introduction to the book Discovering Awareness: A Guide to Inner Peace, Strength and Freedom.  Tony’s story telling prowess is on full display in this informal video.

You might want to watch each talk before you read the associated chapters in the book.  Or, if you’re already familiar with the book, the videos make a great refresher.

It’s easy to build a group experience by first watching the video, then discussing the relevant chapter and doing one of the Guided Meditations.  Or you could make the video and the book the basis of a self-guided retreat or eight week meditation program.

Tony D’Souza Introduces Discovering Awareness Video – 2 DVDs – Eight talks. 4 hours.  ISBN-13: 978-0-9790304-3-7