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Roger LaBorde

About Roger LaBorde

In 1976, Roger experienced a life change that eventually led him to abandon his career in petroleum and move to an island near Seattle, Washington. In 1982, the Red Elk family on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation formally adopted Roger and his family. The adoption made Gerald Red Elk, a Yanktonai Sioux shaman, Roger’s uncle and teacher who helped Roger “open the door” to the shaman’s path.

Today, Roger is a healer recognized by Grandfather Gerald Red Elk, Rolling Thunder, Don Eduardo Calderon Palomino, and many other Native American medicine people. Roger was featured on the television shows Sightings, The Other Side, and That’s Incredible; in 1994, an article in The New Age Journal featured his successful work with “no hope” coma cases. His healing work in all areas of illness has taken him to Taiwan, France, Israel, Canada, Brazil, and throughout the United States. In 1982, Roger and his family moved to Colorado. He is married and has a son, two daughters, and four grandchildren.

Roger LaBorde Conferences

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