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Blair AshbyI’m very pleased to announce my first book is now available for sale! Talking Man to Man.

One of the most fortunate things about my job as a recording engineer and my friendship with Fr. Thomas Keating and Tony D’Souza is, through them, I’ve met several of the world’s leading spiritual thinkers. These people have had a huge impact on me and my outlook on life.

Prior to my mid-life crisis, I recorded all these people but didn’t necessarily understand the depths at which they were speaking. When I went through my mid life crisis, all that changed. I started to understand awareness as a lifestyle not just an ideal. As depression swallowed my life in 2009, I found the only hand holds I could grasp were soundbites from all the amazing speakers I’d recorded aver the years. These soundbites took on deep meanings for me and became wellsprings of hope in the darkness I felt lost in.

About two years after the depression lifted, two different book publishers approached me about writing a book based on my walk through the dark night. At first I was reluctant but, eventually, the billboard sized “signs” from above made it obvious. I needed to write this book. Thus began an eight month journey into what the soundbites really mean to me. I had to explore how to describe the tools they offered me.  Then, a client named Fred walked into my studio one day and through the course of the conversation with him, he convinced me the audience who really needed to hear my message was men. Talking Man to Man was born.

Although the book is written specifically for men, it’s really a message for everyone, just put into man language. Ironically, it’s already lead into several more opportunities outside of my music. So, I’m now scheduled for a workshop and soon, some motivational speaking as well as one to one coaching. It’s funny the directions life can turn with very simple conversations or just doing your job. I can truly say, I never would have been someone to write a book five years ago.  I can also truly say, I wouldn’t have it any other way now. I look forward to this new direction.

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The front range at 6:50am

One morning I dropped my son off at school at 6:50 am.  As I turned back west to head home, I looked straight up the street and saw this scene starting to unfold.  I raced another two miles to the edge of the valley and this was my view.

Over the next few minutes, I watched the pink mountains become light red, then orange, then yellow and, eventually white.  I realized that in a few short moments of time, I had watched the snow painted through the full spectrum of colors all because, our tiny blue earth is flying around a central, giant fireball millions of miles away.

The sense of awe and wonder, the smallness I am, the connection I experienced, the gratitude I felt… all coursed through my mind as I stared at the majesty.  I saw God that morning, in technicolor, washed across the mountains in a pantomime of colors and it made me realize: Everything is holy, I just sometimes have to give myself time to see it.



Here is more of my music and my first book called Blair Ashby: Talking Man to Man. It’s about facing your own stuff, dealing with pain, loss, and depression and getting on with your life.

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