Susan Komis

Susan Komis

Susan KomisThe Dark Night is a metaphor and often misunderstood. It simply means that the human mind is unable to grasp the transformative work that God is effecting in the deepest recesses of the soul. It is like a “darkness” to our human understanding. The exquisite gifts of the Dark Night are multidimensional and mark a profound movement beyond self to the Other. This stage of the spiritual journey simultaneously reveals the pathology of the
human condition while at the same time heightens our awareness of the transcendent love of God.

SUSAN KOMIS has served Contemplative Outreach since 1990, first as a volunteer for the St. Louis, MO Chapter and then as Coordinator. She is a member of the Faculty of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. and serves as Director of Chapter Resources & Communication Services (CRCS) to support Coordinators and Contact Persons throughout the Contemplative Outreach spiritual community. She assists Chapters by making on-site visitations and offering programs for leadership enrichment and Chapter development. Susan serves as a staff person for numerous Contemplative Outreach retreats, mentors other servant-leaders, and continues to develop leadership formation programs for

Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. Susan is a certified Pastoral Minister and has worked in Adult Faith Development and various other ministries including spiritual direction and interspiritual dialogue.

 Susan Komis - The  Dark Night of the Soul The Dark Night of the Soul
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 Susan Komis - The  Dark Night of the Soul The Dark Night of the Soul
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