Living Word Ministries International

Living Word Ministries International

Equipping the Saints for God’s Kingdom Service

Living Word Ministries International was founded in 1991 as a mandate from the Lord. Since the beginning, their call is to equip God’s people for the work of kingdom service.

The vision includes varied disciplines of ministry. They equip, nurture and release God’s people through our prophetic community, school of practical ministry and outreaches through their conferences and seminar ministries. All with an emphasis of God’s supernatural kingdom dynamics.

Specific areas of spiritual gifts and ministries in which we serve are prophetic ministry — which includes teaching, prayer, healing and intercession — and the Hebraic roots of the church. In all of these disciplines of ministry gifting, we desire to see the people of God move in scriptural wisdom, power and anointing to impact the kingdom of God and the world today!

Rich Harris

Rich Harris and his late wife Gail founded Living Word Ministries International in 1991. Since then, he has ministered in Europe, Israel and the U.S. Together they planted a school of the Spirit and a congregation in Colorado in 1998 which is now called, “The Centre,” located in Wheat Ridge Colorado. The Golden Eagle School of Practical Ministry, which they founded in 2002 in Golden Colorado, is also housed at The Centre. The goal is to restore and activate the prophetic ministry, prayer healing, intercession, study of the Word and other gifts, all in the power of the Holy Spirit. Along with pastoring the congregation and teaching in the school, they conduct seminar seminars both on and off site on prophetic ministry and gifts and the Hebraic Roots of the church. They are available to teach these seminars locally and internationally.

In the Prophetic Equipping Seminars, Rich teaches various aspects of prophetic gifts and ministry from a personal perspective of God’s heart for a prophetic kingdom people. In the seminars, he instructs and demonstrates the various ways in which God speaks to us and how we should respond with His heart. Within that framework, the revelatory gifts are defined and demonstrated with student participation and activation. The seminars include; protocol, relating to leaders, releasing the prophetic word individually, corporately and in team settings. How God speaks in dreams and visions today are also part of the seminars. Creative workshops help release the prophetic anointing, understanding of dreams, visions, prophetic speaking and teaching prophecy in supernatural kingdom dynamics. Rich also stirs up and brings vision to the prophetic gifts as tools for healing and evangelism.


Living Word Ministries International hosts special guest speakers both at The Centre and at larger off site venues. Over the past five years, they have been honored to host anointed men and women who minister in teaching and worship such as Don & Christine Potter, Graham Cooke, Ruth Fazal, JoAnn McFatter, David Ruis, Kevin Prosch and others. More exciting speakers and worship leaders are scheduled for future events.


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