Tony D’Souza – Discovering Awareness

Tony D'Souza's WritingsTony D’Souza has spent a lifetime practicing and teaching a deep, practical spirituality.  One of D’Souza’s earliest mentors was Tony DeMello whose books on Awareness are treasured by millions throughout the world. Following his Ph.D. work in Clinical Psychology in the USA, D’Souza extended DeMello’s work culminating in Awareness Retreats given to thousands in India and internationally.  The retreats have been especially valuable for those in the helping professions: doctors, nurses, teachers, counselors  and clergy who often find themselves spiritually exhausted after years of selfless giving.  The heart of the awareness retreat is an simple psychospiritual framework and exercises that invite us to come home, to the hidden ground of love within each of us. People of many faiths, or no faith, have found awareness a valuable skill for deepening their own unique spirituality.

D’Souza lives in Mumbai, India.

Tony is coming to Denver October and November 2014! He will have several retreats and speaking engagements. Here is his current schedule with more dates to be added. Tony D’Souza’s October 2014 Schedule

You can read Tony’s articles and visit his website here: Discovering Awareness

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