Field Guide to Awareness by Bud Wonsiewicz – September 1

Field Guide to Awareness

Bud Wonsiewicz
1 September 2013

Five Breaths

Field Guide Picture

How do we take meditation out of the sitting room and into the wilderness? Thomas Keating reminds us “The fruits of meditation are not found in the sitting room but in everyday life.”  This field guide explores ways to bring awareness to everyday life and everyday life to our awareness practice.

Here’s a practice I’m trying out and trying to make a part of my routine.

Every day I’m trying to use just five mindful breaths to start the day and five mindful breaths to end the day.

So just before my feet leave the floor at night, I take five breaths in awareness…observing each without judgment or evaluation.

First thing in the morning, same thing. When my feet hit the floor I take five breaths in awareness.

I may or may not go on to do a longer practice.  For me that’s usually 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the late afternoon. But either way, this simple practice makes  sure I start and end on a peaceful choiceful path.


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