Tony D’Souza Christmas Message 2015

Dear friend(s)

This Christmas I am reminded of a popular story of a father who returns home after a tiring day at work and hopes to relax with a cup of tea and the newspaper. Before he has barely settled down, his three old son comes and complains that he has been bored and would like daddy to play with him. The father looks for a way to keep his little son engaged and chances upon a world map in the newspaper. He shows the map to his son and explains that he would cut the map into pieces and he is required to put the pieces together and reassemble the world map. The son enthusiastically sets on the task while the father thinks of relaxing, having got his son engaged on a project that would take him at least an hour.

But to his surprise, after about ten minutes, his son has put the world map together. He asks his son how he managed to do that so quickly. His son says, “Daddy, it was so easy. At the back was the picture of a man. When I put the man right, the world became right.”

The recent discussion in Paris to save our Planet earth, involving laboured discussions and negotiations between over 190 nations, was more a discussion about man…. How to put man right…

Last year, I witnessed a school boy preparing a crib outside his home. He had grown wheat grass, got some flowering plants, created a little pond of water, made hills of paper painted brown, some trees of cardboard stood around with paddy straw bed…. There were statues of Jesus and Mary and also sheep, goats, cows and other animals…… But baby Jesus was missing.

At midnight on the 24th he reverently placed baby Jesus in and little lights came on and lit the crib.

Perhaps, that is the message of Christmas for all of us…. Jesus was put into our world to make humanity right so that our planet Earth becomes right….. Placing Jesus in our hearts make us right and this in turn shows us the right way of looking and seeing the world…making our world right.

I wish this gift for the whole of humanity – you and me…. Merry “Jesus Bringing” and “Rightful Looking” New Year.

Love, Peace & Joy,

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