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Tony D'SouzaFriends, I realize that I have been giving awareness seminars and Retreats in the States for nearly 20 years. My annual visits for a month gave me an opportunity to visit different parts of USA. Though most of the retreats/seminars have been in Denver, I had opportunities to travel to Florida, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia and numerous other places and address different groups seeking a way of living mindfully and choicefully.

Now that many have been exposed to the shorter version of the programmes I conduct, it was suggested and requested by many to have the 10 day awareness retreat in the States to reduce the travel time and expenses of coming to India, though those who have come, know that it was worth the trip. As a compromise, I conducted one 8-day retreat in Atlanta last year. The response was very good. The retreat house requested me to conduct it this year too.

Here is what I am doing for the benefit of those who plan to attend for the first time. The retreat is a non-violent approach where you get in touch with yourself and discover the power of love and joy that is the base of each one’s being. In order to discover this source, one has to clear the ground of one’s past negative experiences as well as habitual coping habits and beliefs that limit them, and this process in turn will generate freedom to be what everyone is meant to be – joyful and free.

Through inputs, and meditation exercises, retreatants are invited to get in touch with
oneself, with compassion and deal with challenges and difficulties one has encountered in the years that have gone by. The retreatants discover the joy of being in the present and enjoy the beautiful things life offers.

The awareness retreat is an integration of research in psychology, neurology and spirituality from an Eastern perspective. It is meant for people of all faiths or no faith. It is just an invitation to get in touch with yourself. TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.
This year, we are taking the theme of Mercy or Compassion which is the fruit of being
centred in one’s TRUE SELF. It is like tapping the artesian well that spurts out love for self, others and the whole of creation. It is THE WAY of FINDING GOD IN ALL THINGS. You are invited to ‘COME HOME’ to your TRUE SELF through this retreat and does not end with the 8 days with me but continues as WAY OF LIFE.

Retreat Information
Sept. 14-22: Wernersville – –
2015 Jesuit Center, 501 North Church Road, P.O. Box 223, Wernersville, PA
Contact the retreat house for registration: (610) 670-3642
Sept 26 – Oct 4:Atlanta: Ignatius House: Silent Retreats & Spiritual Retreats
Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center
6700 Riverside Drive, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30328
Phone: 404.255.0503

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