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A Picture of Dave GrovesDave Groves

Dave Groves was born in Pueblo, CO in November of 1950. From the time he was a child he wanted to make a living as an artist. In 1985 Dave followed his dream and founded Groves Studio.

A lover of nature, Dave liked to paint what he saw. He found inspiration in camping and hiking trips, and spent many hours discovering the many colors hidden in patches of sun and shadow. He had a gift for finding the hidden beauty in the world around him and sharing it with others through his art. He never stopped exploring ways to capture the things that inspired him, eventually trying and mastering acrylics, oils, watercolors, pastels, and pencil.

Dave himself was an inspiration to many who knew him. Unfortunately, in February of 2004, Dave lost a courageous battle with colon cancer. Known and appreciated for his quick wit, he never lost his sense of humor and asked only that he be remembered with joy and love. He left behind a legacy of amazing art as well as his wife, two children, and three grandchildren.

Clients all over the world have the pleasure of owning his works and his family would like to give you the opportunity to enjoy his gift as well.


A Photo of Ben  Groves Benjamin Newsom

One of Dave’s grandchildren, Benjamin, was born with a rare disorder called microcystic cervicofacial lymphatic malformation. This disorder caused his body to overproduce lymph fluid, which created lymph filled cysts. The cysts can occur in any part of the body, and in Ben’s case a mass of microcysts gathered around his face and neck. He had a trachea tube placed at birth to ensure he could breath, but otherwise Ben has grown into a healthy and intelligent young man who just completed his first year of college with a 4.0.

There is no treatment that will correct this disorder. Since birth doctors have recommended that he wait until adulthood, at which time surgery could be performed to remove some of the mass of cysts and address the malformation of his jaw (due to the mass of cysts pushing the bone as it grew).

In December of 2015 he will begin the surgery process, the first a very delicate surgery to remove portions of his jawbone to restructure his bite. He will have to travel from Colorado to Boston several times from September to February in conjunction with this first surgery. All proceeds from the sale of his grandfather’s art will go towards the expenses associated with his surgery.

All Prices Include a Poem Written By Dave Groves Daughter to him and Mailing anywhere in the USA.

A Picture of the Painting Go With the Flow A picture of the painting Light in the Forest
$50 unframed

Year: 1999
Size (in inches): 38×26
Acrylic of Big Dry Creek
in Centennial, CO
$50 unframed

Year: 1992
Size (in inches): 38×26
Acrylic of fall colors in the
San Juan Mountains of
southwestern CO
 A picture of the painting Aspen Scrub and Oak  A picture of the painting Mellow Yellow
 $60 unframed signed print under #100
$45 unframed print #101 and up
Year: circa 1990
Size (in inches): 38×26 (image 17×12)
Water color of fall colors 
in the
San Juan Mountains
of southwestern CO
 $30 unframed

Year: 1997
Size (in inches): 22×26
Acrylic inspired by a
field of summer wildflowers
in the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness
near Steamboat Springs, CO
while camping in an
old sheep-herder’s camp
 A picture of the painting Noon Dunes  A picture of the painting Deer in the Dunes
 $40 unframed

Year: circa 1990
Size (in inches): 18×23
Water color of Great Sand Dunes
National Park, southern CO
$30 unframed

Year: circa 1998
Size (in inches): 20×32
Acrylic of deer visiting the
Great Sand Dunes
National Park in southern CO





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