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Reflections by Blair AshbyThis album has a funny story behind it. In March of 2009, I started this album but, I actually didn’t know it. I couldn’t get myself motivated to go further than what is now the second song.  In the fall of 2009, I talked to Fr. Keating about doing some more scripture readings for a personal followup album to the album Inner Room by John and I.  Again, I couldn’t get the inspiration needed to do the music.  Then, in the fall of 2012 I was approached by two different publishers to write a book about my decent into and then, eventually, out of depression.

As I started to write the book, I realized I was a happy person. I was content. I was at peace in my life. The music started very faintly.

In February of 2013, Julie and the next day Joanne, from Contemplative Outreach, approached me to write some music to use at Contemplative Outreach’s annual conference which was only a mere three weeks away. I’m good at deadlines and took the challenge. . . .  However, my inspiration didn’t.

For the next week and a half I sat in my studio beating my head against the keyboard trying to get an idea, any idea, started. One day, I even gave up on writing for the day and, instead,  listened to all the scripture recordings I had of Fr. Keating and finding some wonderful scriptures which could be taken by anyone, religious or not as uplifting.  Finally, with only nine days until the conference, I remembered the song I had started five years ago in March of 2009. I pulled the song up on my composing computer and instantly, inspiration hit me full force.

I layered in Fr. Keating reading the Beatitudes and all of a sudden the music made sense. Ironically, I had written the first part of that song while I was deep in  depression.  However, for some reason, the depression didn’t come through but, the deep gratitude I feel for a Universe that cares for me did. It just took me five years to realize that. Over the next nine days I worked like a madman and finished the album only twelve hours before the conference.  That gave me some time to sleep.

The readings I chose are short and comprise only a few minutes of the 46 minute album.  I wanted the music to reflect my deep sense of wonder and gratitude in this Universe.  I tried to write music that was as uplifting as Fr. Keating’s readings. I wanted to give you, the listener, a sense of peace, contentment and warmth to help you rest inside of your busy days.  Thus, there is very mellow peaceful music and some more upbeat, active music. Please feel free to write me and tell me your experiences as you listen.  I pray they’re restful.

Click the player below to listen to a 5 minute sample of many of the themes on Reflections. This album is really one 46 minute long piece with several themes.

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Here is more of my music and my first book called Blair Ashby: Talking Man to Man. It’s about facing your own stuff, dealing with pain, loss, and depression and getting on with your life.

Reflections by Blair Ashby Talking Man to Man by Blair Ashby
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