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Emotional pain is hard to go through. It’s never easy and we never feel as alone as we do when we’re in crisis. Men have the added struggle of not having a language to talk about emotional pain. Our culture teaches men them that they are all thinking and no feeling. Yet, when crisis hits as it always will, men feel just as much as women. This book is for the man in crisis now, or hoping to make his future crisis easier.

This is a book I wrote for men after I went through 14 months of depress, 16 months of therapy, a bankruptcy and then a divorce. It doesn’t give answers as we can only find answers in ourselves. Instead, it gives people the tools they need to search out the still small voice inside and find their answers.

“Talking Man to Man is a must read for any man who finds himself stressed by financial or personal problems or the feeling that his life’s dreams are fading out of reach. This is the story of one man’s decline into darkness and his journey back to the light. It is designed to be read the way most men read books—a few punchy pages at a time. It is chock full of action ideas to help men start moving to a new future.” — Alan J. Parisse MBA, CSP, CPAE. The Parisse Group, Inc.

“There are no quick fixes or immediate cures for crisis. When everything you have tried has failed and you find yourself emotionally drained, muster the courage to ask for help and pay attention to your internal compass. Talking Man to Man will help you listen for your true north and take the first small steps out of your darkness.” — Jim Rae, Ph.D

Blair Ashby has recorded many of the worlds greatest spiritual teachers. He has a communication degree and it only two lab classes short of his Psychology degree. However, after all he’s been through. He finally figured out that crisis is a spiritual journey as much as a mental and physical one. You can read more at his website :

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Here is more of my music and my first book called Blair Ashby: Talking Man to Man. It’s about facing your own stuff, dealing with pain, loss, and depression and getting on with your life.

Reflections by Blair Ashby Talking Man to Man by Blair Ashby
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