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Life Is a Lazy Susan
by Blair Ashby

One Saturday morning, in November 2013, at about 7:30, I woke up, and it seemed as if a book had downloaded into my consciousness. I grabbed my computer ran to the couch and sat there for the next fifty hours writing Life Is a Lazy Susan.

At the time, I thought I had tapped into a cosmic force that instilled in me some in-depth knowledge. Several years later, I realized that my brain had processed and teased out a lot of the spiritual teachers' insightful information with whom I had recorded, studied, and offer on this site. Then my mind wove that information into a tapestry of my creation. That Saturday morning, I started to define my philosophy of describing the human condition and navigating it with the most Joy, Peace, and Contentment and the least amount of suffering.

Unwittingly, I had created a basic form of my philosophy for living. Thus, this book is the earliest explanation of what I now call the survival mind and Self-Compassionate Living. When we resolve the two and work with them, we can live our lives as fully as possible. Read this book for a basic overview of a new way to look at life, think, and communicate so you can live an easier, happier life.

Do you struggle with seeing the Law of Attraction work in your Life? Does it feel like you're doing everything correctly? And yet, are you not seeing your dreams coming true and not feeling true happiness?

The Law of Attraction says that it will come to you if you focus your whole being on your desire. And the Law of Attraction does seem to work. Many popular books and movies about the Law have been in the past few years. Why, then, isn't everyone a millionaire? The problem isn't with the Law, but instead with our understanding… of ourselves.

It starts with this question: What do you really, Really, REALLY want? The answer also depends on "Who really, Really, REALLY are you?" This awareness will open you to faulty lessons you have incorporated into your automatic thinking. Then, as you learn to recognize your life programming and see those programs at work in your daily life instinctively, you will also learn to see and go beyond the programming. You will learn to create your life based on your deepest goals, not just your easiest efforts. In other words, you will create the dynamics that open your life to fully living.

Letting the Law of Attraction work in our lives means that we, as individuals, must know ourselves so that we only pick the good things offered to us. Self-Compassionate Living is a new way to think.

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